Winter. The word has a cold ring to it for a reason. That’s because the atmospheric changes occurring in this chilly season create additional pressures on our joint and tissue systems, as well as our mental state. But not everything needs to be glum during this season! Below are our 5 recommended ways to be proactive in taking care of your body during the winter.

1. Dress for the Weather. Keeping your body warm with appropriate clothing is an important step towards maintaining fluidity in your joint and tissue systems. Particularly, the fluid which lubricates your joints can become rigid when exposed to winter temperatures. This means you should be rugging up with layers, winter socks, scarves, gloves, and even a beanie if the weather calls for it, in order to keep your systems warm and mobile.

2. Pay Attention to your Hands & Feet. These extremities require more attention in the Wintertime because our bodies regulate heat towards muscle-and-fat dominant areas (our core), and away from less tissued areas (hands and feet). The use of winter socks and gloves will stimulate heat in these areas, helping to reduce your risk of winter-induced joint pain. If your joint pain becomes arthritic however, consider taking Flexofytol, our Turmeric-infused supplement which aims to aid those suffering from flexibility issues associated with mild arthritis.

3. Drink Tea. What better excuse to have multiple cups of warm, soothing tea in winter than to keep your body healthy? And speaking of the natural anti-inflammatory benefits of Turmeric, drinking Turmeric Tea may contribute to reducing any joint pain brought on by the winter cold and can also boost your immune system.

4. Exercise Regularly. For both our physical and mental health, it is important to keep our bodies active. During winter it is easy to stay rugged up in bed and not go out for a walk or get to the gym, but routine exercise maintains efficient blood flow in your body which benefits not only the mobility of your joints, but also the positive function of your brain. Easy winter-safe exercises to work into your routine include pilates, treadmilling and indoor swimming. If your mood is still feeling seasonally affected despite a healthy exercise routine, we recommend trying our Sedistress supplement which aims to reduce mild anxiety and stress symptoms.

5. Eat Immune-Boosting Meals. Winter is known as the flu season for a reason, with the cold temperatures being ideal for viruses to live longer, making our bodies are more susceptible to germs and bacteria. With a strong immune system proven to be linked with a healthy mind, keeping your immune system boosted by including vitamin rich foods in your meals – think ginger, citrus fruits, fibre-rich veggies and herbal teas – will contribute to avoiding a melancholy winter mindset.

Every little bit counts when it comes to our health, so ensure you are implementing everything you can. Make this Winter one where your body and mind thrives!

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