If you spend a lot of time at home, it can be difficult to find your own space to relax and re-centre. However, no matter how big or small your home may be, it is important to carve out your own little zen space to tune out from the world and take some time to yourself. If you’re struggling to figure out how to get started, we’ve come up with a few simple tips to help you create your ultimate calming space at home.

Create a Positive Space

Designate a specific space for yourself, whether that be in your home office, lounge area or a special corner of your room. Create a mental no-go zone that promises that no work or social media access is allowed. This creates a shield around this space for the short term that will allow a moment of calm. Personalise this space with things that bring you joy and comfort, such as your favourite pot plant or fluffy cushion.

Change into Something Comfy

Step out of your work clothes and change into a chunky knit sweater and a comfy pair of leggings to really get yourself into a relaxing mood. This not only establishes a change in environment, but also creates a clear shift in your mind that this space is all about calm and reflection.

Light a Candle

Particular scents can evoke certain memories, so set your mood of choice. Whether it be an invigorating grapefruit or a warm vanilla fragrance, pick a candle with a strong definitive scent that you associate with relaxation and lull yourself into a calmative state.

Create a Nature Playlist

Listen to a trickling stream, crashing waves or chirping birds to sleep easy and relax. Find your ideal natural soundscape and create a playlist with these prominent nature sounds to wash over you and wash away your worries.

Turn Your Phone To ‘Do Not Disturb’

Dedicate a certain amount of time, whether that be 30 minutes or an hour, and take a detox from your phone and social media by turning your phone to ‘do not disturb’. Make sure no one worries that you have disappeared from the virtual world by setting up a default message with a customised auto reply, letting everyone know that you are taking some time for yourself.

Introduce A Sedistress Supplement Into Your Routine

Incorporate a soothing supplement, such as Sedistress Calm Mind into your daily routine to assist in creating a calm mental disposition and a clear headspace.

Harnessing Passionflower Extract, our Sedistress Calm Mind supplement may assist in creating a peaceful state of mind. Inspired by the traditions of the Indigenous Americans, it utilises the calming properties of the purple passionflower. We suggest taking one tablet an hour before taking time out in your calming space.

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