How to incorporate Hygge into your everyday life

How to incorporate Hygge into your everyday life

Imagine yourself nestled in your favourite pyjamas, sipping a mug of hot chocolate whilst immersed in a great book. A peaceful moment like this is known to some as ‘Hygge’.

Hygge (pronounced ‘hyoo-gah’) is a Danish way of life that has recently worked its way around the world. It’s easy to understand why, after all the direct translation of hygge in English is ‘fun’. However, to the Danes, the concept of Hygge is more complex, it embodies a life of cosiness, contentment and mental wellbeing. Some even refer to Hygge as the Danish ‘art of happiness’.

If you experience stress and anxious thoughts, or even if you just want to wind down after a busy day, practicing Hygge can help to relieve your mind. A key part of Hygge is mindfulness and being ‘in the moment’. These aspects can help individuals to achieve clarity of thought, and a feeling of calm that melts away stress and negativity.

Introducing Hygge into your life is easier than you think. You may have even been practicing this cosy art without realising it. Nevertheless, here are three ways you can add a little Hygge to your lifestyle:

Wear Hyggebusker

Hyggebusker are your favourite comfy pants that you would probably never be caught dead in when out in public. By shedding clothes that cause discomfort and swaddling yourself in Hyggebusker, your mind is set at ease and your stresses fade away.

Make a Hyggekrog

A Hyggekrog is a nook that exists in your home for the sole purpose of getting cosy. Picture fuzzy blankets, fairy lights, steaming bowls of soup and that one armchair that’s so plush you can’t help but call it a ‘grandpa chair’. Essentially, a Hyggekrog is a refuge that will embrace you with warmth when life gets tough.

 Treat yourself to comfort foods

It’s okay to indulge every now and then, especially if it’s to benefit your mental health. You could cook up your favourite meal, or even get a small feast delivered direct to your door. Make sure enjoy the moment by savouring each bite without distraction.

If you want to add Hygge to your life, it is also important to understand what it is not.

Hygge is not:

1. Having strict rules that can limit your lifestyle or your happiness

2. Doom-scrolling through social media for hours

3. Isolating yourself from the love of friends and family

By incorporating even just the smallest elements of Hygge into your life, your mental wellbeing can take a turn for the better. If you need some additional support on the road to achieving calmness and contentment, try our Sedistress Calm Mind Supplement with Passionflower Extract.

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