It is no secret that regular physical activity is closely associated with a longer and healthier life. As a result, ensuring your kids are staying active is vital to their development of life-long, healthy habits. Even within today’s developed digital world, finding fun ways for your kids to stay active is not impossible; here are some tips and tricks to help kickstart your kids’ healthy lifestyle.

1. Be a role model. Set an example by being more active yourself, as well as joining in during family activities. Remember that your kids are constantly watching and repeating everything that you do.

2. Do not use physical activity as a punishment. Keep the idea of physical activity as something fun for your kids, rather than as a punishment, to ensure they don’t develop negative associations with exercise. Encourage them to keep exploring activities they like and are willing to stick with.

3. Reduce or limit screen time. Avoid letting your kids watch too much TV or spend too much time on digital devices whenever you can. Instead, take them outside to run around and play in the fresh air.

4. Start slow. Increase the amount and intensity of activities gradually to avoid injury and discomfort. This will help your child adjust to an active lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

5. Praise and encourage the kids. Remember to regularly provide your kids with positive reinforcement when undertaking any physical activity, this will ensure them that they are doing a good job and encourage them to stick with it.

Kids can lose focus easily, so it is important to keep them on their feet with fun, new ideas to keep them active. You don’t have to have too much structure when they’re younger, and kids tend to like it best when mum and dad play along too! Some fun activities the whole family can be involved in include:

1. A Scavenger Hunt. Hide as many items as you’d like around the house and tick them off as you go. You can also turn it into a treasure hunt by writing clues for your kids to keep them moving. Throwing in a little friendly competition is also a great way to keep them engaged.

2. An Indoor Obstacle Course. Put down pillows or cushions for the kids to jump over, or make blanket tunnels by hanging them over chairs and lounges to crawl under. You can also make stations where they need to perform certain tasks like star jumps.

3. Musical Chairs. Play some good music and have the kids get their groove on with this activity. If you don’t have the space for chairs, you can use cushions or some paper tape on the floor to indicate the spots to claim.

Create healthy habits from a young age by integrating physical activity into your family’s daily routine, all whilst having fun in the process. If you require some additional support as you start to get moving with the kids, consider our joint pain support supplement, Flexofytol. Scientifically derived from turmeric, our curcumin formula may assist with the discomfort of joint pain and support increased movement.

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