Has your New Year’s resolution been to hit the gym, lose weight, and get toned for the past few years? Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried a workout program some time in our lives only to quit halfway. Maybe it was because we suddenly got really busy with study or work. Maybe your friends invited you out for a drink and you told yourself you’ll start again tomorrow. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like going to the gym. So, how do we keep ourselves motivated and consistent? Here some suggestions that might help you push through this new year!

1. Set realistic goals and go step by step. One of the biggest demotivators is setting unobtainable goals for too short of a time period. Set simple goals to start off with; goals that you are confident you can achieve in accordance with your lifestyle. Once you feel yourself getting more comfortable, you can gradually challenge yourself a little more every week.

2. Vary your exercises. Don’t feel the need to do the same exercises every time if you’re getting bored of them. If there’s an exercise you hate, don’t do it! Mix it up every now and then; find alternatives.

3. Find cardio exercises that you enjoy. Cardio tends to be the part of a workout that everybody dreads. Running on a treadmill or jogging just isn’t for everyone. Whether it be going for a swim at the beach or playing basketball with your friends, find something you can enjoy regularly. You don’t have to stay in the gym for cardio if you don’t want to!

4. Find a buddy. Sometimes you just need a friend who will call you up when you’re feeling uninspired and motivate you to go to the gym. Working out with a friend can also create some friendly competition to encourage you to push yourself harder. A friend can also spot you when you’re lifting heavier weights to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

5. Consider a trainer. Professional trainers add some extra cost to your workout, but they add a lot of value too. They can help you design a program tailored towards your goals, show you how to use equipment safely and give you nutrition tips. You might not need a trainer for long but having them around at the start can encourage you stay motivated.

We all know how tough it can be to stay motivated in gym. Sometimes, all we need is just a little push to regain our momentum. Let’s make this year the year you stick to your fitness goals and stay motivated in the gym long-term.

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