Stop & Take Time Out – The Importance Of Taking 30 Minutes For Yourself

Stop & Take Time Out – The Importance Of Taking 30 Minutes For Yourself

Are thoughts of the week ahead manifesting as sleepless nights and a clouded mind? You’re not alone, it is estimated that anxiety and stress affect the lives of 1 in 5 Australians. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to take a step back and allow yourself some time to reflect and appreciate what’s really important to you.

Get Rid of Phantom Vibration Syndrome

In a society where our brains are wired to anticipate the next phone notification, it’s vital to our mental health to allocate time for a digital detox outside of work hours and shake off Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Don’t panic about missing an Instagram notification or text and retrain your brain to shut out these sensations unless absolutely essential. Try allocating specific phone times such as work hours and a couple of hours of recreational use outside of work. Creating these limits will help rewire your brain to be rid of the sensations that says your phone is ringing when it isn’t.

Be a Right-Brained Thinker

Channel time for yourself into something productive by giving the right side of your brain a workout through more creative and artistic tasks. Rediscover the universal language of music and rekindle an old past time such as playing a musical instrument or simply chilling out and listening to your favourite playlist. You could even start a new hobby such as cross stitching or painting – these types of creative tasks can help offer clarity on certain issues that have been bothering you, clearing your head and reducing stress to give you a fresh perspective.

Reflect with a Question a Day

Go old school and use a pen and paper to reflect on your day. Take 30 minutes to really hone in on what you accomplished throughout the day by setting yourself challenges such as; ‘write down one thing that made you smile’ or ‘write down what you did today that was out of your comfort zone’. Taking the time to evaluate your thoughts and replay your day not only helps to highlight the good parts but can also help you identify situations that you can learn from. The task of putting pen to paper encourages communication with yourself and helps to apply focus and attention on completing one thing at a time.

Sedistress Calm Mind

Taken in conjunction with other mindful processes, Sedistress Calm Mind may help if you are experiencing symptoms of mild anxiety or stress caused by the everyday hustle and bustle. This high-quality soothing remedy is formulated with Passiflora Incarnata, more commonly known as the Purple Passionflower. Sedistress takes inspiration from the Indigenous people across North and South America and recognises the calming effects of the Passionflower Extract on the body and mind. Incorporating this easy to swallow tablet into your routine may help induce a calm, relaxed state that could possibly relieve stress and anxiety, helping to bring you peace of mind at the end of a busy day.

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