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Bod is an innovative healthcare company combining the power of nature and science to deliver cannabis-derived health and skincare products, designed to improve lives and transform the medicinal cannabis, CBD and hemp market.

Nature has used millennia of trial and error to grow the best ingredients, and we use cutting-edge scientific research and methods to discover the best combinations and applications of these ingredients to develop clinically proven solutions that make a difference.

Quality and consistency are integral foundations that are upheld in all aspects of our business. Product extracts have been validated in clinical trial settings to ensure reliability and dependability.

We begin with sourcing the highest quality ingredients and combine them under stringent manufacturing processes to produce superior products that surpass national and international quality standards set by governing bodies.

Bod’s approach to research and product development has helped secure exclusive partnership agreements with world-leading health and wellness companies, including Health & Happiness Global (parent company of Swiss Wellness). This provides Bod with a leading distribution partner that has an established reputation, global brands and international market presence.

H&H Global

Bod also works with world-leading health and research institutions, including the renowned Lambert Initiative, University of Technology Sydney and the University of South Australia in an ongoing push to develop and define the future of medicinal cannabis.

We implement and establish first-class medicinal cannabis education programs and resources to empower all healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to prescribe and administer our medicinal cannabis products.

Buoyed by the foundations of nature and science and supported by the principles of quality and diligence, our products and company will thrive in any climate. Coupled with our constant forethinking and lightning-fast adaptability, Bod is positioned to succeed.

Our vision at Bod is to become the world-leader in clinically proven CBD and Hemp based healthcare and our mission is to develop, define and deliver the medicinal cannabis of the future.

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