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Bod Science (ASX:BOD) is a cannabis focused drug development and product innovation company.


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Clinical Studies

Phase I PK Study
BODOLOS Observational Study
CBG Pilot Study
Project Change
Phase I PK Study

Phase II Insomnia Study
Long Covid Study
Emerald Study Phase II Study
Phase I CBN Insomnia Study
Project Skin


Research Collaborations

Completion of a PK study on Aqua Phase comparing with CBD in Oil

Validation of Aqua Phase, multiple commercialisation pathways

Completion of Phase IIb study of CBD for Insomnia for TGA ARTG registration

First mover advantage in estimated $200m+ Australian market. Potential to achieve registrations in other jurisdictions

Expansion into the Malaysian market through collaboration with Antah Pharma

Exclusive access to a new market. Lead on clinical trials to support market access

Expansion of Medical Cannabis Product Portfolio

Introducing a range of new medicinal products to support revenue growth


Clinical trials completion near-term, results imminent


Exclusive Supply Agreements

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals
H&H Group


Unique Deliver Assets

Aqua Phase Project
Skin Novel Delivery


Revenue Generating Divisions

CBD Healthcare
Medicinal Cannabis

The acquisition of Aqua Phase has been a strategic and methodological process, with a number of key milestones along the way.

We are increasingly confident in the commercial potential of this unique delivery format in numerous global markets.

Aqua Phase promises to enable poor solubility medications to become cheaper and safer as a result of lower side effects and less use of the active ingredient required due to the medications increased solubility. The solubility data we have already demonstrated from the UV analysis enables us to move a number of commercial opportunities in cannabis and non-cannabis medications forward with increasing confidence.

Jo Patterson CEO

Aqua Phase – The Technology

Bod has acquired a world-first invention known as ‘Aqua Phase’ and related assets (“Aqua Phase”), from two scientists located in the United Kingdom

  • Product and process technology with potential to increase bioavailability of lipophilic Cannabis compounds in humans up to 4 times, optimising oral delivery, and solving intrinsic problem of bioavailability
  • Increasing bioavailability (active biological effect) can lead to faster onset, better efficacy and lower dosing, resulting in fewer side effects
  • Patent protected product. Uses a common compound combined with CBD and/or other Cannabis and lipophilic compounds under specific mechanical and heating processes to deliver a stable, highly bioavailable compound
  • Finished product in powder form is expected to be presented in multiple formats; bulk powders, capsules, tablets, fast dissolves and concentrates with application in fast-growing supplement and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Invention uniqueness the primary IP surrounding the combination; the exact proportions of active and modified starch are precisely defined
  • Specific temperatures and agitation process are set, delivering a powder that is flavourless, colourless and stable

Competitive Landscape

Ultraviolet (UV) Analysis of Solubility

Aqua Phase CBD solubility ranges 1.6 millimolar (mM) to 2.7mM under various conditions


Standard CBD solubility is 0.2 micromolar (μM)

Aqua Phase Emulsifiers Nano Technology Phospholipids
Water Soluble vs Dispersible Water Soluble Water Dispersible Water Dispersible Water Dispersible
Delivery Platform Modified Search Phospholipid Phospholipid Phospholipid
Format Powder Liquid Liquid Liquid
Bioavailability add add add add add add

Aqua Phase CBD Combination


The exact proportions of active (CBD) and substrate (starch based molecule) are defined

Heat and agitation

Starch Based Molecule

Specific temperatures and the agitation process are set Invention offers an API that is flavourless, colourless and stable


Aqua Phase
Results Summary

Pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis showed that Aqua Phase CBD statistically outperformed CBD oil

Total CBD availability (as measured by area under the curve, AUC) showed that Aqua Phase CBD was statistically significantly greater than CBD oil by 311% (4.1x)

The maximum concentration (Cmax) was also statistically significantly higher at 277% (3.8x) more than CBD oil

Aqua Phase
Pharmacokinetic Studies

Study 1

Aqua Phase PK Study
Bioavailability in Capillary Blood

Study 2

Phase 1 Aqua Phase PK Study
Bioavailability in Venous Blood

Phase IIB Insomnia Clinical Trial for Schedule 3 CBD Medication

Bod anticipates to deliver the first over-the-counter (OTC) Cannabis product to be submitted to the TGA for an ARTG registration.

Successful receipt of ARTG registration will elevate Bod to be one of only two companies globally to have a registration of a Cannabis product (Jazz Pharma).

  • In conjunction with The Woolcock Institute, Bod is undertaking a clinical trial testing the efficacy of Bod’s CBD ECS Bioabsorb Softgel (utilising Bod’s Aqua Phase Technology) vs Epidiolex CBD Oil Solution when used to treat insomnia, to follow with submission for a Schedule 3 CBD medication
  • ARTG registration is granted under the TGA regime. It requires the submission of a dossier, including results of a gold standard clinical trial (double blinded placebo) and efficacy results relating to the primary end point
  • An approval will have a significantly beneficial impact on access for customers / patients with insomnia. The product will no longer require a prescription and will be available through pharmacy (OTC)
  • It will set the benchmark for future studies and submissions to the TGA and registrations of Cannabis products
  • It is anticipated achieving a successful trial, along with being the first registered cannabis CBD product in Australia will have a significant and positive overall impact on the Australian Cannabis industry

Potential for Bod’s unique ECS Bioabsorb Softgel to be benchmark delivery format for over-the-counter CBD market

Bod’s PK Study forms critical step for dossier submission to TGA

Bod Schedule 3 CBD Softgel

Pharmacokinetic (PK) Study revealed Bod CBD Softgel Offers Over 400% Greater Bioavailability Than Epidiolex

Over 20% greater concentration of CBD in blood than Epidiolex, and over 400% greater than CBD Oil Solution

5 times faster time to reach maximum concentration of CBD after single oral administration than CBD Oil Solution, and twice as fast as Epidiolex

Over 600% more maximum concentration of CBD in blood after single oral administration than CBD Oil Solution, and over 60% greater than Epidiolex

Higher, faster and greater Significantly higher concentration, faster delivery and greater bioavailability of CBD than Epidiolex CBD Oil Solution

Pharmacokinetic (PK) Study revealed Bod CBD Softgel Offers Over 400% Greater Bioavailability Than Epidiolex

Phase IIB Insomnia Clinical Trial
for Schedule 3 CBD Medication