Aqua Phase

Aqua Phase A new drug delivery platform that reinvents solubility

Aqua Phase offers a CBD compound that is soluble, tasteless, colourless and odourless

Aqua Phase uses a modified starch that can be combined with lipophilic (non-soluble) active such as Cannabidiol
(CBD) allowing it to dissolve in water.

The technology will deliver a GMP API or Complex in dry form to be used in products allowing quicker onset, greater efficacy, and lower dosage rates resulting in fewer side effects and lower cost to patients.

The compound (or API) is soluble, tasteless, colourless, and odourless. It can be presented in multiple formats including bulk powders, capsules, tablets, fast dissolves, and concentrates.

A complete GMP process development, manufacturing, and stability program has been undertaken and will support launches in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

Aqua Phase is currently available with a CBD compound and development is underway with other Cannabidiol molecules.

Current problems with CBD products

CBD and cannabinoids intrinsically have poor biological absorption – oral CBD compounds dissolved in oil are estimated to only have 6-8% bioavailability reference. As oral ingestion is the preferred method of dosing by patients and drug developers, Aqua Phase solves this inherent problem.

Aqua phase once dissolved becomes an easily absorbed solution. Solubility is key to bioavailability.

Other products that seek to solve the bioavailability problem generally use emulsification technologies. The difference is defined as below, one that is a true solution (AquaPhase) versus a Suspension also commonly known as Emulsification.

Solution Versus Suspension

A solution is a mixture of one substance DISSOLVED in another substance. It has a solute and a solvent. Example: Sugar in water.

A suspension has particles that are larger than those found in solutions. Components of a suspension can be evenly distributed by mechanicalor chemical means, like by shaking or adding an emulsifier to the contents but the components will eventually settle out. Example: Oil and water.

Aqua Phase promises to enable CBD and other similar lipophilic compounds to realise their full potential in the pharmaceutical, functional beverage, and supplement markets.