Doctor Support

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Bod Science provides a specialised program to help doctors

By providing doctor support we help clinicians deliver medicinal cannabis solutions for patients.

Medical Practitioners in Australia

Medical Practitioners can prescribe unapproved medicines, including medicinal cannabis, where other pharmaceutical options have been exhausted through a number of pathways:

  • Special Access Scheme (SAS)
  • Authorised Prescriber Scheme (AP)
  • Clinical trials


New clinical guidance documents

The Commonwealth Department of Health, in conjunction with state and territory governments, has helped coordinate the development of new clinical guidance documents for prescribers of medicinal cannabis medicines.

Would you like to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis?

If you are a doctor in Australia or UK interested in prescribing Medicinal Cannabis to patients, we would like to hear from you.

Our Medical Team can help

Our experienced Medical Team has been supporting doctors with prescribing assistance and SAS applications.

We’re here to simplify everything to do with Medicinal Cannabis to save time so you can focus on your patients.

Rigorous standards

Bod is an established, trusted source of pharmaceutical-grade CBD medicines. We produce rigorously R&D tested, clinically-trialled, science-assured cannabis-based medicines.

All our medicines meet or exceed national and international standards.

Our Medical Team can guide you through the entire prescription process with cannabidiol (CBD) drug-drug interaction guide, Cannabinoid scientific summary, Bod MediCabilis™ product information, dosing guidance, case reports and published papers.

For Doctor support

For prescription information or application assistance, contact our Medical Team:


Phone (02) 9199 5018

You can also access this information, along with educational resources via our HCP login.