Clinical Trials and Research

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Phase II Insomnia Study Bod Bio Absorb Using a novel CBD to treat insomnia IN PROGRESS The study will provide data that will be key
in supporting a TGA registration to allow
the product to be sold over the counter in
Australian pharmacies.
Project Skin Novel Protein Evaluating the efficacy of a novel protein for the inhibition of free radical damage on skin IN PROGRESS At completion, Bod will own a unique and
novel delivery format of an anti-aging agent for topical use
Project Chang’e Bod ECS317 &
Bod ECS100
Evaluating the combination of different
cannabinoids and probiotics targeting stress, anxiety and inflammation in animals
IN PROGRESS This data will support future product launches utilizing the combination of CBG and CBD.
Emerald Study
(Phase II)
Bod ECS315 The use of CBD in slowing progression of Motor Neuron Disease IN PROGRESS Collaboration with Gold Coast University Hospital
Phase I CBN
Insomnia Study
Bod Es310 Using CBN to treat primary insomnia IN PROGRESS Collaboration with University of Sydney &
The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
Phase 1 PK Study Bod Bio Absorb Pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of novel CBD compound COMPLETED The study data will support regulatory registrations and other commercial opportunities.
Long Covid Study Bod ECS315 Evaluating the safety and tolerability of CBD for symptoms associated with Long Covid COMPLETED This study provides a unique opportunity to further research into the potential to alleviate symptoms of Long Covid using CBD
Phase I PK Study Bod ECS315 Pharmacokinetics safety and
tolerability of CBD extract
COMPLETED This work optimised the design of our Phase II Insomnia Study
Toxicology Bod ECS315 Safety evaluation of ECS315 For Novel br Food Registration COMPLETED Bod is one of six companies globally to have secured a validated Novel Food Application. This is mandatory for CBD to be sold in the UK and EU.
Bod ECS315 &
Bod ECS100
Real world evidence on doctors CBD prescribing habits COMPLETED The study provided key insights into dosing decisions and the design of our Phase II Insomnia Study.
CBG Pilot Study Bod ECS317 Evaluation of the efficacy of a novel COMPLETED The study investigated the effect of CBG on symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease and anxiety.